4Rabet Registration: How-To Guide + Sign Up Bonuses

4Rabet is one of the most popular betting platforms available in India an other regions. Why it’s so popular? Thousand of the casino games, dozens of sport events across the world, from the well-known cricket tournaments, and straight to the football, kabaddi, MMA, basketball, etc. But first and foremost: before you’ll start to make your first bet, you should register at the 4Rabet. But how exactly to proceed with the 4Rabet registration? How to sign up quickly, and moreover – get your bonuses before you’ll start to game? Let’s find this out!

The simpliest and obvious way to register at the 4Rabet, is to click at the button below:

Yes, all you have to do is to click the button “4RABET REGISTRATION”, and you’ll start your registration process! But what else do you have to know?

4Rabet Registration Process: Step-by-Step Guide

At the very first step, you’ll see the next screen with the fields you should fill in:


Step 1: Choose Your Way to Sign Up at 4Rabet (E-mail or Phone Number)


This is the first way to register at 4Rabet with your phone number:

  1. Enter your phone number (without country code);
  2. Select your password (at least 6 characters).



And here’s the second way to register at 4Rabet with your e-mail:

  1. Enter your e-mail address;
  2. Create a password (again, it should be at least 6 characters length).

Step 2: Choose Your Currency, Promo-Code, and Bonus

Ok, so we almost complete the registration at 4Rabet! We have just a bit simple steps so far:


What do we have here? Let’s see:

  1. Currency: Your curency would be set up by default, depending on your phone number and country; but if you want — you can register at 4Rabet with any other currency.
  2. Promo-code: if you have any promo-codes for 4Rabet — apply it here as well;
  3. Choose your bonus. Yes, you can choose your bonus right on your registration process!

Step 3 on 4Rabet Registration: Choose Your Bonus

You’ve already seen a bonus field above? From the very beginning, you can choose 2 bonuses: Sports Welcome 600% and Casino Welcome 700%. You think that this is all we have? No, you have a HUGE list of the bonuses you can take as well!

How To Register Via 4Rabet App?

4Rabet registration process may be performed through the official 4Rabet app as well. In this case, you need to make the next steps:


You can download the 4Rabet app from the official website, and register there as well. What should you make? You need to make the next steps:

  1. Download the 4Rabet app;
  2. Choose the way you want to register – through the e-mail or phone number;
  3. Choose the currency, and sport/casino bonus you’d like to use;
  4. You’ve done and ready to play and enjoy the games!

How Fast Is The Registration Process?

4Rabet registration takes about 1-2 minutes. Registration process is VERY simple and fast, and take a few simple steps – no more, no less than at other companies and websites.

Is It Safe To Provide Phone Number or E-Mail Address?

Absolutely. All the data gathered from the users safely stored at our side, and don’t disclose to any third-party websites or parties. Moreover, all the processes are complied with the international safety requirements.

Can I Bet and Play Without Registration?

Unfortunately no, this is a mandatory requirement for all users. Moreover, this is not requirement made exclusively for the 4Rabet players – this is standart requirement for all users across the world. Why? Because we need to regulate the users accordingly to the Terms and Conditions, and provide the best experience for all players.

How Fast Can I Start To Play?

Right after you register at 4Rabet, you can start playing your favorite casino games, or placing the bets on the favorite tournaments and events.

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