Aviator Game Online Tips & Tricks To Win

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Spribe, a prominent developer in the online gambling industry, introduced the Aviator crash game, capturing the attention of players globally since its debut in 2019. For now, Aviator or his analogs can be found in various casinos. You can visit the 4RaBet play for free the Aviator game right now. 

With its straightforward rules, the game caters to both seasoned and inexperienced players, offering a swift gameplay experience lasting between 2 to 15 seconds. The objective is to predict the optimal time to end the flight, aligning with the rising odds displayed on the screen.

Aviator Game Quick Review

The Aviator game 4RaBet starts with a default multiplier of x1, progressively increasing as the airplane ascends. Players initiate bets by clicking the “Place” button and must strategically decide when to click “Cash Out” to secure their winnings, as missing this opportunity results in the loss of the bet. To ensure fairness, the game incorporates a “provably fair” algorithm, accessible through various platforms such as PCs and mobile devices. With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%, Aviator stands out as one of the most generous crash games in the online casino market, providing players with a significant advantage by reducing risk and enhancing their winning prospects. The game’s appeal is further heightened by its exhilarating gameplay and the inclusion of an in-app chat feature, fostering communication among players, enabling strategy sharing, and enhancing the overall interactive and enjoyable nature of the gaming experience.

Aviator game — tips and tricks for the players

Now Aviator can be found in almost any online casino because the game is very popular and simple. Also, on the wave of success, other developers began to release similar games. For example: JetX, Lucky Jet, Cash or Crash, Rocket X, and AviatoriX. In general, they have the same principle. Only the design is different.

The Minimum And Maximum Coefficients In The Aviator Game

The lowest coefficient in Aviator is 1, and the highest coefficient is 200. Here are the next tips about coefficients: 

1.0Once every 50 rounds on averageMinimum risk strategy: Opt for coefficients in the range of 1.2-1.3 for more frequent successful outcomes.
Up to 1.20Up to 10 times per 100 gamesConsidered unprofitable coefficients, caution advised.
From 2 to 4Less lucrative but more frequent multiplicationsIt is recommended to base strategies on these multipliers
200.0Once every 60-80 minutesRare maximum coefficient; recommended strategy is to focus on more frequent multipliers like x2, x3, and x4 for a balanced approach.

Aviator Game Strategies

Note that. Any of the strategies that you read bottom, don’t give you a guaranteed chance to win. In any case, the Aviator is the game of random. Because of that, any strategies build on the probability theory and are actual only in the long term. If you have a budget and time only for 100-200, or even 500 bets — it will not guarantee to win. But, from the other side, always there is a possibility to get a big win from the first bets. 

The Minimum Risk Strategy

One strategy in the Aviator game involves minimizing risk by limiting the choice of coefficients to the range of 1.2-1.3. According to statistics, the aircraft is more likely to surpass this barrier, making it a strategic decision for players seeking a minimum-risk approach.

Aviator game — the minimum risk strategy

This strategy suggests a focus on more conservative coefficients to increase the frequency of successful outcomes, aligning with the statistical trends observed in the game. 

Martingale Strategy in Aviator Game:

The Martingale strategy is a widely adopted tactic among casino players, with a slightly modified approach for playing Aviator:

  1. Study Statistics: Analyze a significant number of past rounds, typically around a hundred, to identify the maximum multiplier at which the plane continued flying in approximately 50% of cases.
  2. Place a Small Bet: Initiate the strategy with a small bet. Caution is advised to avoid depleting your bankroll rapidly during a series of losses. For instance, a $1 bet on a nine-round losing streak would lead to a $512 bet (1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512). With a limited bankroll, starting with 20 or 40 cents may be more prudent.
  3. Wait for Planned Odd: Wait for the plane to rise to the predetermined odds identified in the statistical analysis.
  4. Double Down on Losses: If the initial bet is unsuccessful, follow the doubling-down scheme. Increase the bet amount in each subsequent round.
  5. Return to Original Bet After Win: After a successful round, return to the original bet amount to restart the cycle.

This method, though slow, is considered effective. The table below illustrates the progression of bets in the Martingale strategy:

1$1Win: Return to Round 1. Profit $1.
  Lose: Proceed to Round 2 and double your bet amount.
2$2Win: Return to Round 1. Profit $1.
  Lose: Proceed to Round 3 and double your bet.
3$4Win: Return to Round 1. Profit $1.
  Lose: Proceed to Round 4 and double your bet amount.
4Win: Return to Round 1. Profit $1.
  Lose: Proceed to the next round and double your bet.

Anti Martingale System in Aviator Game

The Anti Martingale System in the Aviator crash game is a strategy that operates in reverse to the traditional Martingale approach. In this system, players halve their wager amount after a loss and double it after a win, aiming to capitalize on winning streaks while minimizing losses.

The Anti Martingale System provides a balanced approach, introducing a level of moderation in risk compared to some other strategies. While it allows players to take advantage of winning streaks, it does not guarantee consistently large profits and still involves uncertainties in the outcome of each round in the Aviator game.

Aviator game — the strategy of Anti Martingale for the win

Here’s an illustration of how the Anti Martingale System works with a starting amount of ₹100:

Bet Amount, ₹Game Outcome

D’Alembert System in Aviator Game

The d’Alembert System is a strategy to enhance the chance of winning in the Aviator plane game, inspired by the 18th-century French philosopher and mathematician Jean Le Rond d’Alembert.

According to d’Alembert’s theory, every loss, by the Theory of Relativity, brings the win closer. This implies that with each failure, the likelihood of the next bet resulting in a win increases.

The essence of the d’Alembert strategy lies in adjusting the bet size based on outcomes — increasing the bet after a loss and decreasing it after a win. The table below illustrates the d’Alembert system in action:

Bet, ₹OddGame OutcomeBankroll, ₹

That strategy is effective for players with a small bankroll. But does not yield substantial earnings in the Aviator game. The d’Alembert System provides a structured approach for managing bets based on the perceived progression of wins and losses, making it a suitable strategy for players with limited financial resources in the Aviator casino game. However, it is essential to note that while it may increase the likelihood of success, the potential earnings may not be significant.

Labouchère System in Aviator Game

The Labouchère System, also known as the cancellation strategy or split Martingale, is a method in the Aviator game focused on achieving a predetermined profit target. The Labouchère System offers a structured approach to recouping losses in the Aviator game, but caution is advised due to the inherent risk of losing all the bet amounts, especially if the sequence becomes extensive.

Aviator game — tips with the Labouchere strategy

To employ this strategy:

  • Set Profit Target: Decide the desired profit at the end of the gaming session and split it into smaller sums based on personal preference.
  • Create Sequence: Add the first and last amounts of the sequence and wager that total on a round in Aviator. If the bet wins, cross off the first and last amounts; if it loses, add the total amount to the bottom of the sequence.

Here’s an example with a target profit of ₹200 with sequence: ₹15, ₹20, ₹20, ₹30, ₹40, ₹30, ₹20, ₹15, ₹10.

Bet, ₹OutcomeRemaining Sequence
₹15 + ₹20 = ₹35Win₹20, ₹20, ₹30, ₹40, ₹30, ₹20, ₹15
₹20 + ₹15 = ₹35Win₹20, ₹30, ₹40, ₹30, ₹20
₹20 + ₹20 = ₹40Loss₹20, ₹30, ₹40, ₹30, ₹20, ₹20, ₹20

Fibonacci System in Aviator Game

The Fibonacci System in the Aviator game is a negative progression strategy, akin to the Martingale, where the bet amount is increased after each loss.

The increment in this system follows the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and 144. Essentially, your new bet amount equals the sum of your previous two stakes if the previous round was unsuccessful. If you win, your wager moves two numbers backward in the Fibonacci sequence.

Here’s a practical example using a starting amount of ₹100:

Bet Amount, ₹Round Outcome
₹100 + ₹100 = ₹200Win
₹200 + ₹100 = ₹300Win
₹300 + ₹200 = ₹500Loss

Paroli System in Aviator Game

The Paroli System, employed in the Aviator game, is a positive progression strategy where players double their stakes after each loss and maintain the wager amount after a win. If there are three consecutive losses, the system recommends reverting to the base amount to manage potential losses effectively.

Here’s an illustration of how the Paroli System works with a starting amount of ₹100:

Bet Amount, ₹Game Outcome

Aviator Game-Winning Tips & Tricks

Strategies require a lot of time, bets, budget, and attention (to concentrate on the game for a long time). Therefore, for most players who play Aviator for fun, it is easier to use simple tricks rather than complex mathematical probabilities.

Do not use double or more bets

In the Aviator game (at least in some versions and analogs), you can run several bets simultaneously. For example, while the plane is flying, you can bet $0.5 and separately another $0.1, and click “Cash Out” for each of these two bets.

This is not recommended. Blurred focus will interfere with concentration, and reaction speed may not be sufficient. There is an exception: if two (or more) bets allow you to play with an automatic stop at the specified odds. But even in this case, there is a great risk. It is more difficult for you to control the gameplay and the remaining budget.

Make a limit for losses

Aviator is a very exciting game. The simple controls and interface and deceptively high chances of winning are very popular with players. You don’t immediately realize that in the future, 10-20-50 or more winning bets with a small coefficient turn out to be unprofitable. And victories with large odds rarely happen. Therefore, before you sit down to play, say goodbye in advance to some amount that is insignificant for your deposit.

Aviator game is a very exciting because of the simple controls and interface and deceptively high chances of winning

And as soon as you lose it, immediately exit the game. Do not believe in your own “one more game”: the process is addictive, and you can easily lose more than you want.

Get practice from the Aviator demo

In any online casino is the demo version of the Aviator game. Firstly: you can get used to the controls. Secondly: in the demo you can test strategies (if you want to play them). Thirdly: those who play for fun can save money because in demo mode there is no need to bet on your deposit.

Start from the low bets

If you didn’t come here to quickly test your luck but want to make many attempts, be sure to use the minimum bets. Yes, a bet of $0.1 will not make you a millionaire, even if you win the x100 odds. But on the other hand: small bets will allow you to play for a long time. And if you get excited, you won’t quickly lose your entire deposit unless you’re lucky.

Do not use any Predictors, bots, or cheats

Remember next: there are no cheats, bots, predictors, or any other apps or instructions that give you higher chances to win in the Aviator game. Even if some soft will give you that, the casino possibly knows about the vulnerability. And your winning will be denied. 

Ensure Your Internet Connection Is Strong

Unlike sports betting or slot machines, in the Aviator game, victory depends on the player’s reaction. After you place your bet, you need to click on “Cash Out” in time before the plane crashes. If the Internet connection is poor, the signal will be delayed. Because of this, you may not immediately see the correct ratio. Or your click on “Cash Out” won’t work right away and the plane will crash before you receive your winnings. Therefore, you cannot play Aviator with an unstable connection.


Aviator is a popular and widespread online game. Its principle is simple: in each new round, a plane takes off into the sky. Before takeoff, the player makes a bet. When the plane takes off from the ground, the winning odds begin to increase and are multiplied by the bet placed. At a random moment, the plane will fall. The player’s task: is not to be greedy and click on the “Cash out money” button before the plane falls. If the player is successful, he takes the bet multiplied by the odds that were at the time of clicking. If he doesn’t succeed, he loses his bet.

Since the game is based on a random number generator, some strategies related to probability theory may be used for the game. Also in the Aviator game you need to follow several simple tricks and tips that we listed above.

Aviator Game — Double Site Strategy Video


Is there any algorithm for the Aviator game?

No: it’s not possible to predict the result of the next round in the Aviator game. The outcome is determined by a random number generator algorithm. 

What is the best strategy to win the Aviator game?

The 2:1 Strategy. It means the player must constantly wager twice as much. For instance, if your first wager was $10, your second wager should be $20. The greater bet should cover the smaller one for this approach to succeed.

Is Aviator hackable?

Any online game is possible to be hacked in theory. But about practice, the chances are very low, you need to be a skilled programmer for that. Also, the cybersecurity of the online casino will block your moves as quickly as it finds them.

What is the Aviator Predictor?

Aviator Predictor (and version: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) is an app that increases the win chance in the Aviator game. But it’s only the words: in real, any app can’t predict when the plane will crash. Because of this, any app that claims you about predict the win is a scam. 

Are Aviator signals, bots, or predictors real?

Many websites claim to offer “aviator predictor bots” or other tools that can accurately predict the outcome of airline flights. But any of them are illegal at the casinos, and any of them don’t give you a guarantee to win. 

Do low stakes increase the win chance in the Aviator game?

In theory, the low stakes increase your win chance for one or a few games. But on the long distance, the low stakes don’t have priority excluding the situations where you have a low budget. 

What is the RTP in the Aviator game?

Aviator game have a high RTP: of 97%. This means that for every $100 bet, you win back $97. Anything above 96.5% is considered to have an appealing payout percentage. 

Is there the best time to win in the Aviator game?

Contrary to suggestions on social media and YouTube claiming that playing around 5 p.m. enhances winning chances, the truth is that there’s no specific time that influences your odds. Winning in the Aviator game is not tied to a particular time of day. The key is to focus on employing the right strategy rather than relying on the timing of your engagement to maximize your wagers.

Do I need to analyze my previous bets in the Aviator game?

This makes no sense. Since Aviator is a game with a random outcome, each subsequent flight does not depend on the previous ones. Even if you study 100 000 bets, it won’t yield any pattern.