Top 10 Best Cricket Bats In The World

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A cricket bat is a specialized piece of equipment used in the sport of cricket to strike the ball. Typically made of willow wood, the cricket bat consists of a flat, elongated blade connected to a handle. The blade features a striking surface on one side and a slightly curved shape to enhance the player’s ability to hit the ball with precision and power. The handle, usually covered with a rubber grip for better control, allows the batsman to hold and maneuver the bat comfortably. Cricket bats come in various sizes and weights to suit the preferences and playing styles of individual players, with regulations specifying the maximum dimensions to ensure fair play. You can install the 4Ra Bet application for your Android and iOS devices and start to place your bets right now. 

Cricket bats play a crucial role in the game, as the skillful use of the bat by a batsman determines the team’s scoring and success in a match. Batsmen use a combination of technique, timing, and strength to play a variety of shots, including drives, cuts, and pulls, depending on the delivery from the bowler. The quality and craftsmanship of the bat significantly impact a player’s performance, and professional cricketers often have customized bats tailored to their preferences. The cricket bat is an essential element in the dynamic and strategic game of cricket, serving as the primary tool for scoring runs and influencing the outcome of a match.

How To Choose The Best Cricket Bat

Choosing the right cricket bat is crucial for a player’s performance. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a cricket bat:

  • Size: Ensure the bat is the right size for the player’s age and height. Junior players will need smaller sizes, while adults have various size options.
  • Weight: The weight of the bat should be comfortable for the player to control. It’s generally recommended that the bat should not be too heavy, as it might affect shot execution and cause fatigue. Your playing style can influence the ideal bat weight. Batsmen who play aggressive shots might prefer a heavier bat for powerful strokes, while those who rely on timing and placement may choose a lighter one.
  • Willow Grade: Cricket bats are primarily made from willow, with Grade 1 English willow being the best and Grade 4 or 5 being more economical. Higher-grade willow usually offers better performance but comes at a higher cost.
  • Sweet Spot: The sweet spot is the area of the bat where hitting the ball results in the best response. Consider where the sweet spot is and whether it aligns with your batting style.
  • Handle Type: Bats come with different handle types, such as oval, semi-oval, and round. The choice depends on personal preference, comfort, and the player’s grip.
  • Grip: The grip is essential for control. Choose a grip that feels comfortable and secure in the hands. Some players prefer thicker grips for better control, while others prefer a thinner feel.
  • Profile and Edges: The bat’s profile and edges impact its performance. Bats with larger edges and a high spine usually provide more power. Consider your playing style and the type of pitches you’ll encounter.
  • Brand and Model: Established brands often have a reputation for producing quality bats. However, individual preferences play a significant role, so it’s essential to try different models and brands.

Size & Player’s Height Comparison

Here is the ratio of bat size to player height: 

Bat SizePlayer’s Age (Approx)Height of Batter, cmBat Length, cmBat Width, cm
03-4to 12362.8 to 64.79.5
Full SH15+175-18885.210.8
Full LH 15+188+8710.8

Types Of The Cricket Bats

Cricket bats come in various types, each designed to cater to the specific preferences and playing styles of individual cricketers. The two primary categories are English willow bats and Kashmir willow bats.

English Willow Bats

Professional Choice: English willow bats are considered the top-tier choice among professional cricketers. They are made from the wood of the Salix alba caerulea tree, which is known for its lightweight yet durable characteristics.

Cricket bat brands often produce bats of English Willow

Performance and Feel: English willow bats offer excellent performance due to their superior rebound qualities. The wood’s responsiveness allows for better power and control during shots, making them the preferred choice for elite players.

Handcrafted Quality: These bats are often handcrafted to precision, with skilled craftsmen carefully selecting and shaping the willow to meet the player’s specifications.

Kashmir Willow Bats

Affordable Option: Kashmir willow bats are a more economical alternative to English willow bats. They are made from the wood of the Salix alba tree, which is commonly found in the Kashmir region of India.

Durability: While Kashmir willow may not offer the same level of performance as English willow, it is known for its durability and robustness. This makes these bats suitable for players who may be on a budget or who prioritize longevity over slight performance advantages.

Mass Production: Kashmir willow bats are often mass-produced, making them more widely available and accessible to a broader range of players.

Hybrid Bats

Combining Qualities: Some bats are designed as hybrids, combining the benefits of English and Kashmir willow. These bats aim to offer a good balance between performance and durability, making them suitable for a wider range of players.

Varied Compositions: Hybrid bats may feature an English willow blade with a Kashmir willow handle or other combinations, allowing players to experience a blend of characteristics from both types of wood.

Junior Bats

Scaled-Down Versions: Junior cricket bats are designed for younger players and come in various sizes to suit different age groups. They are typically lighter and smaller to accommodate the physical abilities of young cricketers.

Softball Cricket Bats

Softball cricket is a popular recreational and amateur form of the game, often played with a tennis ball or a softer, synthetic ball. Softball cricket bats are designed specifically for this format, featuring a broader profile and thicker edges to provide more power when playing shots with a softer ball.

Types of cricket bat — models for the softball cricket

Lightweight Options: Softball cricket bats are generally lighter compared to traditional cricket bats, making them easier to handle for players participating in casual games or street cricket. The lightweight design allows for quick shot execution and maneuverability.

Training Bats

Training Bats are designed to help players improve their skills and enhance specific aspects of their game. These bats come in various forms, each serving a unique training purpose.

Skills Development: Some training bats are weighted differently or have a narrower sweet spot to challenge players during practice, helping improve strength, precision, and shot placement. Others may be designed to simulate specific match scenarios, aiding players in honing their reflexes and decision-making skills.

Adapted Materials: Training bats are often made from materials that can withstand repeated use against bowling machines or coaches’ deliveries. They may also be constructed with safety considerations in mind, especially for junior players.

Who Produce The Cricket Bats: List Of The Brands

Here is a list of some prominent cricket bat producers:

  • Gray-Nicolls: Renowned for their English willow cricket bats and a long history of producing high-quality cricket equipment.
  • Kookaburra: An Australian brand recognized globally for its cricket balls and a wide range of cricket bats, including both English and Kashmir willow.
  • GM (Gunn & Moore): A well-established English brand known for its high-quality English willow cricket bats.
  • SS (Sareen Sports): An Indian brand that produces a variety of cricket equipment, including cricket bats made from both English and Kashmir willow.
  • New Balance: Known for its innovative designs and a range of cricket bats that combine performance with style.
  • Adidas: Produces cricket bats with modern designs and often incorporates advanced materials for enhanced performance.
  • SG (Sanspareils Greenlands): An Indian brand with a long history of producing cricket equipment, including cricket bats for various playing styles.
  • Puma: Offers cricket bats with a focus on combining style and performance, catering to the needs of different players.
  • DSC (Delux Sports Company): An Indian brand that has gained popularity for its cricket bats designed to suit different playing styles.
  • MRF (Madras Rubber Factory): An Indian brand associated with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, MRF produces high-quality cricket bats.
  • Gray-Nicolls: A British brand with a legacy in cricket equipment, particularly known for its English willow bats.
  • Salix: A boutique English brand specializing in high-quality handcrafted cricket bats made from English willow.
  • Woodworm: Known for its innovative designs and focus on performance in cricket bats.
  • Spartan Sports: Associated with international cricketers, Spartan produces a range of cricket bats with modern designs.
  • Gortonshire: An emerging brand known for its English willow cricket bats.

Top 10 Best Cricket Bats With Prices

Here is the table with the most popular models with their prices in Rupees: 

Cricket Bat ModelPrice, Rupees
Gray-Nicolls Supernova15,000 to 30,000
Kookaburra Kahuna10,000 to 25,000
New Balance DC15,000 to 35,000
SS Ton Reserve Edition20,000 to 40,000
Adidas XT10,000 to 30,000
GM Diamond DXM15,000 to 35,000
SG Players Edition20,000 to 40,000
DSC Condor Scud15,000 to 30,000
MRF Genius Grand Edition20,000 to 40,000
Puma evoPower10,000 to 25,000

Read more about each of those models. 

Gray-Nicolls Supernova

The Supernova series by Gray-Nicolls is crafted for exceptional balance and power, making it a popular choice among both international and club-level players. The bat’s design focuses on delivering a well-balanced feel in the hands, allowing for precise shot execution. The Supernova’s sweet spot and edges are carefully engineered to provide players with the ability to play powerful strokes without compromising on control.

Kookaburra Kahuna

The Kahuna series from Kookaburra is a timeless and classic choice that has been trusted by top cricketers over the years. Known for its combination of power and control, the Kahuna bats feature a well-defined sweet spot that aids in generating substantial power in shots. The design incorporates Kookaburra’s expertise in crafting cricket bats, ensuring a balance that caters to the needs of aggressive stroke players while maintaining control for precision shots.

New Balance DC

New Balance’s DC series is recognized for its large sweet spot, providing batsmen with an extended area for impactful strokes. The lightweight feel of the bat makes it a favorite among aggressive players who seek to dominate the game. The design of the DC series focuses on maximizing power from the sweet spot while offering the maneuverability required for quick footwork and dynamic shot-making.

SS Ton Reserve Edition

SS Ton Reserve Edition bats are celebrated for their premium willow and impeccable craftsmanship. Designed for an exceptional feel, these bats provide players with both power and performance.

The best cricket bat in the world — SS Ton is one of the most popular bat

The Reserve Edition is carefully crafted to meet the high standards expected by professional cricketers, ensuring that each bat delivers consistent quality and an excellent playing experience.

Adidas XT

The Adidas XT series is tailored for power hitters, featuring a large profile and a high sweet spot. This design caters to aggressive stroke play, allowing players to generate significant power in their shots. The Adidas XT bats are crafted with precision to offer a combination of strength and performance, making them suitable for players who like to dominate the bowlers.

GM Diamond DXM

Gunn & Moore’s Diamond DXM series stands out for its high-quality English willow, providing players with a bat that is both responsive and powerful. Widely favored by professional cricketers, the Diamond DXM bats showcase the brand’s commitment to delivering top-notch craftsmanship and performance, ensuring that players can trust the bat’s reliability during crucial moments in the game.

SG Players Edition

The SG Players Edition is crafted from top-grade English willow, emphasizing excellent balance and performance. The bat’s design focuses on providing players with a superior feel, allowing for precise shot placement. Renowned for its quality willow and meticulous craftsmanship, the SG Players Edition is a popular choice among batsmen who prioritize a combination of balance, power, and responsiveness.

DSC Condor Scud

DSC’s Condor Scud cricket bats are known for their power-packed performance and stylish design.

Top cricket bat brands in India — DSC Condor Scud is one from the list

These bats are designed to deliver exceptional power to shots, making them suitable for aggressive players who like to take on the bowlers. The Condor Scud series showcases DSC’s commitment to innovation and performance, offering cricketers a reliable tool for dominating the field.

MRF Genius Grand Edition

MRF Genius Grand Edition bats are endorsed by cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar and are renowned for their high-quality willow and superior performance. These bats are crafted to meet the exacting standards of professional players, providing a perfect blend of power and precision. The Genius Grand Edition series reflects MRF’s dedication to producing top-tier cricket bats that deliver a superior playing experience.

Puma evoPower

Puma’s evoPower series is celebrated for its modern design and powerful performance, appealing to both professional and amateur players. The bats in this series are designed to provide a dynamic feel, allowing players to express their natural playing style. The evoPower series reflects Puma’s commitment to combining style with performance, making these bats popular for those seeking a contemporary and effective cricketing tool.

Which Bats Are Using Famous Cricketers

Cricketers often have bat sponsorship deals with specific brands, and these sponsors provide the bats they use in matches. These sponsorship agreements are typically part of the overall endorsement deals that cricketers sign with various brands. In such arrangements, the bat sponsor provides the player with customized bats that suit their preferences and playing style. The bats may be designed according to the player’s specifications, including weight, balance, and grip preferences.

The best bat for cricket — what models using the famous cricketers

Here are the next famous cricketers and their bat sponsors: 

  1. Virat Kohli: “MRF” (Spartan)
  2. Steve Smith: “Kookaburra”
  3. Kane Williamson: “New Balance”
  4. Joe Root: “Adidas”
  5. David Warner: “Gray-Nicolls”
  6. Rohit Sharma: “CEAT”
  7. AB de Villiers: “MRF” (Spartan)
  8. Ben Stokes: “New Balance”
  9. Chris Gayle: “Spartan”
  10. Shikhar Dhawan: “SG” (Sanspareils Greenlands)
  11. Faf du Plessis: “New Balance”
  12. Kieron Pollard: “Kookaburra”
  13. Tamim Iqbal: “Sakar”
  14. Marnus Labuschagne: “Asics”
  15. KL Rahul: “SG” (Sanspareils Greenlands)
  16. ishabh Pant: “SG” (Sanspareils Greenlands)
  17. Jason Holder: “Kookaburra”
  18. Eoin Morgan: “New Balance”
  19. Jos Buttler: “Kookaburra”
  20. Ravindra Jadeja: “SG” (Sanspareils Greenlands)
  21. Tom Latham: “SS” (Sareen Sports)
  22. Martin Guptill: “Adidas”
  23. Aaron Finch: “Asics”
  24. Ravichandran Ashwin: “MRF” (Spartan)
  25. Shreyas Iyer: “Spartan”

While some cricketers may have the opportunity to provide input into the design and specifications of their bats, the actual manufacturing is done by the sponsor. The use of sponsored bats is a common practice in professional cricket, and it allows both the player and the sponsor to gain visibility and promote their respective brands. Additionally, players may also receive financial compensation or other benefits as part of these sponsorship agreements.


In the dynamic realm of cricket, the choice of a bat is an intensely personal decision, often reflecting a player’s style, technique, and preferences. As we navigate the vast landscape of cricket bats, the emphasis must be placed not on specific models but on the distinguished brands that consistently deliver exceptional craftsmanship and performance. Renowned names such as Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, and SS Ton have established themselves as stalwarts in the cricketing arena, epitomizing a commitment to innovation and quality. These brands have earned the trust of players at all levels, crafting bats that resonate with the spirit of the game while pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

Ultimately, the quest for the best cricket bat transcends individual models, inviting enthusiasts to explore the legacy and reputation of trusted brands. As players step onto the field armed with a Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, or SS Ton bat, they carry not just a piece of sporting equipment but a symbol of heritage, reliability, and a shared passion for the timeless sport of cricket. In the world of cricket bats, it is the enduring commitment of these brands to excellence that truly elevates the game, ensuring that players experience the thrill of every shot with a reliable and high-quality companion in hand.

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What is the best cricket bat in the world?

Gray Nicolls is the most popular choice for some of the best cricketers in the world. 

What are the top cricket bat brands in India?

The most popular Indian cricket bat manufacturer is Sareen Sports Industries. That company’s brand is SS. 

What is the size of a cricket bat?

Adult sizes with short handles (the most commonly used) typically have a length of around 85 to 87.5 cm. Long-handle models are slightly longer than the short-handle, usually 87.5 to 90 cm. Long-handle bats are suitable for taller players.

What is the highest bat weight in cricket?

According to the Laws of Cricket, as set by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the governing body for the laws of cricket, the weight of a cricket bat should not exceed 4.25 pounds (1.93 kilograms).

What is the biggest cricket bat in the world?

Certified by Guinness World Records, the world’s largest cricket bat, was unveiled in Hyderabad in 2021. The bat, which is 17.1 m long and weighs 9,000 kg has been gifted by Pernod Ricard India, to the government of Telangana. It is kept at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium at Uppal.

What are the types of bats in cricket?

By size: adult and junior. By wood: English willow and Kashmir willow.  

What is the history of the cricket bat?

The history of the cricket bat dates back to the 17th century. Early cricket bats were shaped like hockey sticks, with a flat, curved blade and a handle. The transition to a straighter blade occurred in the 18th century.  The Laws of Cricket, codified in the 18th century, set standards for bat dimensions. In the 19th century, the round handle became popular. The 20th century saw innovations like the spring handle.

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