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In the early days of January, cricket fans were treated to a fantastic route. The national teams of India and South Africa competed in a Test match in Cape Town. Even though the game was played at home, luck turned away from the Africans. As a result, the meeting ended with a confident victory for India. You can use the 4RaBet App for Cricket Betting from your mobile. 

Naturally, after such a victory, fans expressed their emotions on social networks. A lot of comments about the game appeared on Twitter (X). We have collected the most interesting of them.

About The Results Of The Match India — South Africa: Overview

In an impressive turnaround from their previous defeat, India showcased their dominance by decimating South Africa in the second Test match at Newlands in Cape Town. Mohammed Siraj spearheaded the Indian bowling attack with an exceptional performance, claiming figures of 6/15 off nine overs, while Jasprit Bumrah complemented him well with 2/25. Their lethal opening spell left South Africa reeling at just 55 runs in the first session, highlighting the Proteas’ struggles against high-quality fast bowling on a challenging pitch.

Despite David Bedingham and Kyle Verryenne’s attempt at a recovery, the Proteas faltered as Mukesh Kumar joined the onslaught with figures of 2/0, aided by exceptional slip-catching from the Indian fielders. South Africa’s batsmen displayed loose strokeplay outside the off stump, failing to show the required discipline, ultimately succumbing to India’s relentless bowling attack.

The series ended in a 1-1 deadlock, with both captains, Rohit Sharma and Dean Elgar, sharing the Freedom Trophy. Although the absence of a series decider was regrettable, the intensity of the two-Test series saw India bouncing back after their defeat in Centurion. Rohit Sharma praised his team’s resilience, especially highlighting the exceptional bowling performance led by Siraj, Bumrah, Mukesh, and Prasidh. He also acknowledged South Africa’s strength as a formidable opponent, expressing pride in India’s victory despite not clinching the series.

Who won the India vs South Africa match — the Test second match in the 2-matches series won by India

Jasprit Bumrah awarded the Player of the Series, reflected on the significance of the victory, emphasizing the team’s determination to perform well in foreign conditions. He credited the bowlers’ consistency and resilience, particularly in adapting to the challenges posed by South African conditions.

Dean Elgar, the retiring South African stalwart, expressed mixed emotions following the loss but remained proud of his team’s efforts. He acknowledged India’s superior skill in the crucial first session and lamented missed opportunities, yet remained optimistic about the future of South African cricket.

As the curtain fell on India’s tour of South Africa, it marked the end of an era for Dean Elgar, who bid farewell amidst heartfelt tributes from players and coaches. Despite India’s historic victory in Cape Town, the tour will be remembered for its fierce competition and memorable moments, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future cricketing battles.

Twitter Reactions To The Match India Vs South Africa

Social media buzzed with excitement and analysis following India’s remarkable turnaround in the second Test match against South Africa. Fans flooded Twitter with reactions, offering both insightful analysis and lighthearted commentary on the match.

One fan remarked, “No idea what Rohit told to his men in the dressing room, but this has been one hell of a performance from India.” This sentiment echoed the astonishment felt by many at India’s dramatic improvement after their defeat in Centurion. The tweet highlighted the visitors’ resilience and showcased their ability to bounce back under pressure, reaffirming their status as one of the top Test teams in the world.

India versus South Africa Test series — India won the second match and lost the first

Another observer noted, “After being hammered in Centurion, the visitors have shown why they are the best Test team in the world.” This tweet captured the sentiment of pride among Indian supporters, who celebrated their team’s remarkable display of skill and determination. Despite facing a daunting challenge, India’s performance in Cape Town underscored their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Across social media platforms, fans engaged in spirited discussions, celebrating India’s victory and commending the players for their exceptional efforts. The match sparked a flurry of reactions, uniting cricket enthusiasts in their shared excitement and appreciation for the sport.

In the days following the match, emotional fans wrote thousands of comments. We have made a selection of those that accurately reflect the mood of the audience.

Let’s start with the tweet of Sachin Tendulkar: 

Congratulations to #TeamIndia for levelling the series!

Markram’s approach was fantastic because sometimes attack is the best form of defence on a pitch like this.

Well bowled by Bumrah, who showed us exactly, how bowling in the channel consistently is all that’s required on such type of wickets.

What a disaster of a morning for South Africa. Lowest total since readmission, and lowest score winning the toss and batting first in their history. Bowled out by lunch. Awful. 

It is curious that India usually tend to get better and turn pretty nigh invincible when they are 0-1 down than when they are 10-0.

India’s win against South Africa in the Cape Town Test was only the second instance when India won the Test despite no batter scoring a fifty (HS 46 by Virat Kohli). First instance: vs SA, Nagpur, 2015, (HS 40 by Murali Vijay).

South Africa has been bowled out for 55, the nation’s lowest score in Tests since 1932…

In less than 24 hours, India lost 6 wickets for 0 runs and won the match by 7 wickets.

Incredible show from bowlers led by Siraj ….55 all out SA…innings win is on..1-1

Rohit Sharma second Indian captain after Dhoni not to lose a Test series in South Africa

Leader, legend @ImRo45

To say this performance from the Indian bowling unit is unexpected after the last 5 Tests in SENA is understating this effort. This has been a sensational bowling effort, completely worthy of going down in history books!

This is a horrible performance from South Africa. I can see the entire XI changing for the next Test.

Outstanding display of seam bowling. Length, accuracy, movement everything just perfect. Well bowled Siraj 🙌🏽 To bowl the opposition out in first session when they’ve elected to bat first is crazy

Disappointing by South Africa. Wholesale changes are needed for the tour of New Zealand.


In conclusion, India’s resounding victory over South Africa in the second Test match at Newlands in Cape Town not only showcased their cricketing prowess but also ignited a wave of fervent discussions and celebrations on social media platforms. Twitter, in particular, served as a vibrant arena for fans to share their reactions and insights. From praising India’s remarkable turnaround to analyzing key moments of the match, supporters expressed their admiration for the team’s resilience and skill. Tweets highlighted the impact of Mohammed Siraj’s sensational bowling spell, Jasprit Bumrah’s consistent performance, and Rohit Sharma’s leadership, underscoring the collective effort that propelled India to victory.

Moreover, the match sparked debates about the unpredictable nature of Test cricket, with fans marveling at the sport’s ability to produce thrilling contests and unexpected outcomes. Humorous takes and witty commentary added a lighter touch to the discourse, showcasing the diverse range of emotions evoked by the game. As the dust settles on this captivating encounter, one thing remains clear: cricket fans around the world were treated to an exhilarating spectacle both on the field and online, reaffirming the enduring allure of the gentleman’s game and the profound connection it fosters among enthusiasts globally.

India Bowlers Toil Hard To Get South Africa All-Out Video


When was the Test match between India and South Africa?

The first match was played on 26-30 Dec 2023, South Africa won by an inning and 32 runs. The second match was played on 3-7 Jan 2024 but ended for 2 days with India winning by 7 wickets. 

Why that match was so famous?

The last series between India and South Africa was so famous because India recorded the shortest-ever Test win to level a series in South Africa. 

Has India ever won a Test match in Cape Town?

Having lost the Centurion Test by an inning, India made a surreal comeback, registering a Test win in Cape Town for the first time. 

How many times has India won a Test match in South Africa?

Before the last winning, India has played 23 Tests in South Africa, winning only four, while conceding 12 defeats and seven draws. 

Who won the series India vs South Africa?

The series India vs South Africa with 2 matches was ended with the count 1-1.